How to Spot a Fake Psychic
Jun 2014

How to Spot a Fake Psychic


What I do is a far cry from the storefront psychics. I never ask for any background information, and keep my questions to a minimum during the reading, usually asking questions solely to affirm I am connected to the proper energy. I have been to many psychics (yes readers get readings too!)- some excellent, and some who are nothing short of con- artists.

Before you consider getting a reading, ask your higher self if this person you are choosing to hire will read for your best interest, or if they are seeking to simply squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

Often this is difficult to do , as we tend to hire others for insight when we are in a place of emotional vulnerability… but do your best nonetheless. Your higher self/ intuition will always lead the way. Its important YOU feel a connection to the person you’re paying to connect to you :)

Here’s an overview of how the scammers operate:
1) they feed you lines that pertain to anyone
2) they then prey upon your fears – the future you desire is threatened by “darkness”
3) only to sell you some sort of cleansing or candles that are necessary to procure your happiness

I shall elaborate:

1) The Cold Read – or Canned Read

This sort of reading can be characterized by generalities that can apply to literally anyone. The reader will often work with your palm, a crystal ball, or even cards, that act merely as ruses or props. The words they offer you will literally come from a pre-written script that will resonate with 99% of potential clients : hence the title ” canned” reading … their connection to you is nonexistent or ” cold” .

Indicators you’re getting a canned read :
” You are a good person, always trying to help others – but you never seem to get anything in return ”

” Your partner is showing you a pattern of hot and cold – back and forth. Its because he / she is confused .” (with no elaboration as to what this confusion is)

“The reason why your partner is acting this way / broke up with you / cheated is because of fear ” (with no elaboration as to what kind of fear)

“You have had struggles with your finances and are seeking stability . Have no fear, you’re heading in the right direction but there are some ‘blocks’ along the way ‘”  (again, no detail of what these blocks actually are)

See the generalities forming ? A GOOD reader will connect to you with ZERO backstory .. and be able to tell you WHY they are afraid or confused, WHAT EXACTLY is in the way between you and your destiny, and offer details.

2) The Reading takes an Ominous turn

” I am seeing a darkness surrounding you …. ”
” there is an entity that i see that has been following you causing these problems with luck / money ”
” your aura is looking dark and needs cleansing ”
” your name /birthday / family is cursed”
” Unless this negative energy is removed, you and your soulmate will never reunite”

ALL of this nonsense is a ploy to get you to pay for some sort of “cleansing”, candle work or spiritual assistance. (see candle same below)

I have been working as a healer for 7 years.  In nearly every energy or spiritual work session, I clean up my clients’ energy field, or remove some stuck entity or energy from their Aura. Its really no big deal. We pick up negative energies just walking down the street.

At least a few times a month I have have individuals coming to me believing that there is a curse or evil eye upon them. Often this was told to them or reinforced by another reader. Only a handful of times has there actually been some sort of dark working or evil spirit to contend with…

3) Cleansings/ Candle Scams

Have you ever wondered how storefront psychics manage to get by charging $10 or $20 for a read ? …particularly in NYC where the cost of real estate is sky high…  They make their money UP-CHARGING you after they  have riled up your fears!

Once they have convinced you that your lover will never return, you’ll be financially destitute or unlucky due to this “darkness”, they swoop in with a hard sell to fix it via some candle nonsense or cleansing that never takes place. Often times they are “special candles from Jerusalem” or some other holy place, or have been supposedly blessed or charged by some magnanimous individual you have never heard of… and cost anywhere from $20 to a couple hundred dollars!

Burning candles and praying over them is indeed legitimate – it occurs in churches and temples worldwide every moment…. its a part of my own personal practice. The difference with the scammers is that they claim you NEED these candles , and even after they are purchased, the scammers often don’t do any prayers or work at all.

In extreme cases, when a client is particularly distraught or love-lorn, the scammer convinces them to fork over large sums of money for “curse removal” . There have been multiple cases in the New York City papers over the last few years of individuals being conned out of hundreds of thousands of dollars ! If someone is demanding large sums of money to do any sort of darkness removal – RUN !

Last but not least… ” I Reunite Lost Lovers — Guaranteed”

No one can bring back a lover in 24 hours, and magical work never carries a guarantee. Even the darkest of black magic, in which you put someone under complete magical submission carries no guarantee…. and such work is not the sort of thing the average gypsy psychic undertakes as it carries MASSIVE negative karmic implications.

Reconciliation spells, love spells and break up spells are all real. A true sorcerer or witch can actually bend someone’s free will for you, however there are very few true magical practitioners that can do this… and its dirty dirty work. Before you consider doing such a thing, ask yourself , how would you feel if someone else made YOU their slave and took away your freedom to make your own decisions ?  Not good, eh? Don’t do it to someone else..

Hopefully this helped you :)

with love,





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