psychic readings in person or not in person



In fact, I dont really consider myself a psychic at all - I just use that word because its something that others identify and can offer a channel for them to begin to understand what I do .

I would prefer more to be considered one that is here on this planet to help catalyze change - Words that I feel are better aligned with who I am and what I do :

Oracle, Seer, Priestess, Diviner, Channel, Conduit, Clarifier, Cleaner, Destroyer.

In that picture above , I am on the summit of Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe, connecting with the energy of the snow, mother earth, father sky and the elements - listening to their needs, and offering my body as a vessel to move energy accordingly.

I have literally nothing in common with the storefront Tarot readers you find all over - you’ve likely never experienced a reading the way I work.

First off , i do not use cards, tools , your palm, a picture… nothing.
I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, telepathic and empathic.

What that means is, I receive the information directly in a flow through images, things I feel, things I hear, things I know…. I receive all of these things through my HEART .

I FEEL YOU . I LISTEN TO YOU , I receive you through my HEART.
I DO NOT “read” through my mind as many do .

I prefer to have zero information when you arrive, just your real name. You dont need to give me a backstory or any clues . This way when I start telling you things that resonate with you , you know I am connected.

I have been working as a professional intuitive since 2011, however ever since I was a child I have been aware of my abilities . It wasn’t until I was around 26 that I realized I should be using them to help people.

While I do offer intuitive readings, my main bag is healing . When you come to me , be prepared for the harsh truth. You may not get what you want to hear but you will get what you need to hear . I only ever work for your highest good. If all of this is resonating with you , perhaps I can be of service to you . Next step, kindly please read my page on ethics and familiarize yourself with what I align with before booking.