psychic readings in person or not in person

Let’s get to work.


choose a time.

I accept appointments that revolve around a time. By booking with me you accept that it may be in person, and it may not be. I am currently going back and forth between NYC and Colorado, and travel elsewhere too, at times.

An in person session is NOT in any way “better”. We can video chat if you want to see me, but know that I do not need to see you because my eyes are typically closed the entire session from start to finish.

Either way, rest assured you will get exactly what you need during our session.

Please read through my ethics page prior to booking so that we are on the same page before booking.
If you have any questions or simply want to hear my voice before booking to help ensure comfort, feel free to call me at (917) 426-8011 .

looking forward to being in your service,

*choose the time that works for you below. Within 24 hours of your appointment I will email you to confirm location (if in person) an send an invoice via Paypal to be paid prior to your appointment.

This was my second reading with Kimberly, and it was exceptionally helpful (as was the first). She jumps right in and presents information in an honest yet also really empathetic way. :) I always think it’s wonderful to find high levels of accuracy and compassion in the same counselor, lol! I’d highly recommend her to anyone with relationship questions, especially twin flames as she notes in her profile. Thank you again Ms. Kimberly <3