psychic readings in person or not in person

karma is real.


In a nutshell this means we do no harm. It relies on the belief that we all have a highest version of ourself, that we are meant to actualize, or bring forth to the earth so that the earth is a better place for all living beings. So we connect not just for YOUR own good…. but for the good of all.

My understanding of boundaries is mighty different from most psychics .
CONSENT IS CRITICAL. No consent = energetic / spiritual assault.

When we are in session, you offer me consent to connect to YOUR energy and soul, and yours alone.
I will never look at or read into anyone unless I have their explicit consent.

So questions like :
- How is my boyfriend / girlfriend / wife / other human feeling about me ?
- What does this person think about me ?
- What does this person want ?
- What are this person’s intentions?
- What is this person going to do in the future ?

I you came wanting to ask such questions, before you run off to another reader please do your karma a huge favor and ask yourself :

Would you feel comfortable knowing someone went snooping around your house , reading your diary, going through your most private stuff without your consent? Prob not, right? You’d feel totally invaded…. violated, wouldn’t you ? Trespassing in someone’s home is illegal for a reason.

Imagine if you discovered that an acquaintance had set up a camera in your place and spying on you? As in, they weaseled into your most private moments - they saw you totally naked, watched you on the toilet …. all of the the things you hide, they saw. Would you not feel totally ashamed? Maybe enraged? Either way, uncomfortable and violated in a heinous way, no ? I’m pretty sure such spying is illegal and for good reason.

Now what if this perpetrator was your lover ? or family member ? or friend ?
What if these vile actions were carried out by someone you felt you could TRUST?
Goodbye to that trust. Adios to mutual respect. These violating actions carry the same energy as assault: “I dont care about your wishes. I disregard your needs. I am here for me and me alone” . These are not the actions of someone who cares about you, and are definitely not the actions of someone who loves you . These are the actions of someone who wants to have CONTROL over you.

Trespassing on the physical plane is low behavior.
Trespassing on the spiritual plane is far worse. It is dirty dirty dirty business.

Perhaps you’re thinking … “ oh but getting a reading is covert . Its invisible. They won’t ever know.” Check your brain, sneaky controller. We are all connected energetically. They WILL know on some level. Their conscious mind may not be fully aware, but in the same way you cannot fool your own soul, you can’t fool the soul of another. Their soul will know you chose to disrespect them, disregard their walls, disregard their feelings, disregard their space ….

TRUST will never sprout under those conditions.
LOVE will never flow under those conditions. NEVER.

You shoot your chances at a healthy, non-toxic, balanced relationship with that person right in the heart when you exude the energy of control.

Your soul is the most personal and sacred of all of your houses .
You deserve to choose who you let into your house and when.
You deserve to be private and keep secrets.
You deserve to choose which parts of yourself you wish to share.
You deserve to let people in when you are ready, and not a moment before.

These are the boundaries I have set for myself. I don’t want them infringed upon, and I make sure that happens by not infringing upon these rights of others.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end.
If all of the above resonates with you, I invited you to book a session with me, and let’s get you exactly what you need to be the most incredible version of you .