how to recognize a fake psychic


Psychic Scams are incredibly common

I cannot tell you how many times new clients have told me that another psychic informed them that they were cursed, or the victim of black …. when there was nothing of the sort happening at all.

Perhaps more upsetting are the clients who come and get angry when I tell them the truth, because for years they were feeding money , often in large quantities to someone who was just telling them what they want to hear .

Rest assured I will NEVER feed you fluff, false narratives or use fear to convince you to try to buy candles/ products from me.

Here are some telltale signs you’re being conned :

1) The black magic scheme - The fake psychic uses fear of something being horribly wrong to get you to pay them money, over and over and over again, or in one large lump sum. I can tell you with certainty, black magic is definitely real, and so are curses, but the odds that something like that is being done to you is incredibly small. In most cases, the one doing the black magic is the psychic and their fear based con.

2) “Yes of course he/she loves you and you will be together, he/ she is just confused. “ They offer nothing about what is at the root of this confusion. Offer nothing about how to change the situation in your favor . Usually timelines are given, that pass and pass, as you keep coming back over and over to shell out money for your fantasy to be fed. Often people seek readings when they are in a low place - after a breakup, in a place of uncertainty or loss and sadness etc ….. its very easy to manipulate people when they are in such a state by offering them an (unrealistic) hope for the future. A good psychic will give it to you straight - tell you what you NEED to hear , not what you WANT to hear.

3) The script: (aka vague crap that applies to literally everyone) A couple examples are below - but you need to use your discernment . This is very very common.

example 1:
“ You are a good person and always try to be kind to others, but you find that your love is never reciprocated…… etc etc etc”
A reader should be able to give you stuff that is UNIQUELY RELEVANT. Like where you tell them nothing and they tell you things that help you register that they are actually connected to you / something.

example 2:
Q: Why is this person acting this way towards me?
A: He / she has been through a lot of pain in the past, and its confusing them
Yep . Everyone has been through pain. Everyone’s pain confuses them. That’s life….. what SPECIFICALLY is the wound that is causing this pain ? What precisely do they need to learn? How is this relevant to you? Is this AT ALL relevant to you?

4) You keep coming back for updates- and the reader tells you the same thing and/or nothing in real life changes
If you have been going to readers for “updates” and its the same information every single time…. you have a bad reader on your hands…. not necessarily a con, but a reader lacking the clarity to tell you how to make a change. The entire point of getting a reading is so you can create the future. You have that power. A reader who is content letting you experience the same thing over and over, for months or even years , all while taking your money… is unethical in my opinion. Those of us that work truly are here to help you realize what you need to do to create a shift, change what lies ahead, and get on the highest path …. not keep you in a trench of “updates” of the same same same.

Lastly, and most importantly ,
Psychic addiction is a real thing. I can not and will not string you along . I am here for your highest good , and the highest good of all, ONLY.

so if you keep coming back before making a change, or things are seeming excessive, I will not read for you and ask that you book a healing session instead. Thank you for understanding.